The Smart Phone revolution is taking over the world. Apps are changing the way we interact with our customers, bankers, friends and the world. We decided to join in the revolution by changing the way we interact with our inverters.

Our engineers realized the dream developing theatouch a standalone app which revolutionizes your interaction with your Thea inverters.

The theatouch app is the MMI (man machine interface) between you and your thea inverters. This unique MMI allows you to connect to your Thea inverters either locally through Bluetooth or through the remote monitoring portal.

Locally over blue tooth you can see the live generation AC and DC Voltages, currents, fault status etc. You can even configure your inverter to change high/low voltage cut off, change the power factor of the inverters, reduce / increase power. Yes you can even download the history data of the Inverter, the fault status and update the firmware of your inverter.

The remote portal from the same app gives you access to the generation data and also in the near future will allow you to update firmware remotely. Control your solar Inverters from the remote portal with just a click of a button, real time generation of unique key send to your email ID ensures that there is no misuse by somebody else.

Easy monitoring through WIFI / BLUETOOTH / GPRS / RS 485 based Data Logger – yes we have all options available.

Enjoy the combination of theatouch and thea inverters – unleash the power of your solar PV power plant.